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Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post for Sew Sew Sew.

I started sewing two years ago and made my first dress around 3 months after I started. I found the pattern first and then searched and searched for the fabric and I came across this lovely shop. As it’s the place I got the fabric for my first (and second) dress it has a special place in my heart. It’s on my frequently browsed list and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the fabrics I received from them, so I’m very happy for the opportunity to do this post.

 sewcathie dashwood rayon summer trousers

I love Sew Over It and their vlog. Last summer Lisa did a video on her top 5 summer patterns. It included the Carrie trousers and they were immediately on my list to make. I just checked and that video was released 11 months ago so that’s how long I’ve been looking for the perfect fabric to make them in. I wanted a floral, but nothing too ditsy or out there. When I saw Katie advertise this Dashwood rayon a couple of weeks ago as her fabric of the week I knew it was perfect.

Then I went to buy the Carrie trouser pattern and I realised I had the Simplicity 1887 pattern in my stash that has a trouser option which ticked all the boxes for me. It had the pleats at the front, the slash pockets and the elastic is on the back only. Perfect, or so I thought!

I had 1.5mtrs and I cut a size 12. It was a bit of a squeeze. Dashwood rayon is lovely and has the nicest selvage on one side, but it’s about 1.5 inches thick, so when I’m folding in the middle I fold so one edge touches the edge of the selvage and not the edge of the fabric. It wouldn’t make much of a difference most of the time but when you’re trying to squeeze something out it’s a bit of help.

 Simplicity 1887 Dashwood Soiree Rayon by SewCathie

Construction wise these are pretty simple. The only real difference between these and a pair of pj bottoms in terms of construction is in the two pleats at the front and the pocket. For a commercial pattern company the instructions on how to do these steps are pretty great.

The issue arose when it came to fit! I tried them on and due to the elastic at the waist they were fine there, but they were really loose around the legs. That’s fine if that’s what you like, but I wanted the tapered look of the Carrie trousers. To achieve this I put them on inside out, pinched out the fabric I thought I needed and then machine tacked them and tried them back on. I did this bit by bit until I got the look I wanted. I think I ended up taking 4 inches out at each side in the end. All that pattern tetris for nothing!

I love the end look, and these are definite secret pjs. The Dashwood rayon sewed up beautifully and is the perfect weight for trousers. It also doesn’t crease too easily, which some rayons can. They’re nice and loose for warm days and pair with so many things in my wardrobe. A good summer addition.

 Simplicity 1887 Dashwood Rayon

Hope you’ve enjoyed this. If you have any questions please get in touch with me on Instagram @sewcathie


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