Samantha's Pauline Alice Romero Jeans

I am delighted to have the chance to use some of Katie's fabric for the launch of her blog. I have used the Indigo Barkweave Denim to make the Pauline Alice Romero Trousers. I have made trousers and jeans before but I had my eye on this pattern style and thought they would be perfect for some new summer jeans and they have a short version too.

The denim washed really well at 30, with no colour or fading issues, it’s a really good quality denim that I feel will have longevity which is essential for jeans that get a lot a wear and tear.

I chose this pattern as I really like the button details and fancied a change from my skinny jeans.

Pauline Alice patterns are a French company but they also provide English instructions which are clear bullet points alongside clear black and white line drawings.

Romero Trousers pattern pieces laid on denim fabric and cut out

The front jeans and pocket construction came together pretty quickly and the pockets are French seamed to give a really nice finish. I chose to use the right side of my pocket fabric for the exterior of my pockets that way I see the gorgeous vintage roses when I put them on.

Buttonhole placement on Romero Trousers

There are 10 buttonholes to do which can be quite intimidating but the fact that you do these before constructing the jeans gave me a bit more confidence as I could always unpick or redo the buttonholes before getting to the very end of the project and then being really disheartened if they didn’t sew well.

The buttonholes sewed up smoothly. Phew!

I chose some mother of pearl shell buttons for the jeans which I am really happy with as they just add a little touch of shimmer. They are pretty on the inside and out.

Pretty pocket fabric on inside of Romero Jeans

Close up of buttons on Romero Jeans

Finished Romero Jeans

The Fit

They fit really well around my bum and hips with no changes to the pattern.

Fit of Romero Jeans around Hips

They are wide leg trousers but I did want them to fit a little better around my thigh, so I did take them in 1cm from the pocket all the way down the leg on the outer seam.

They are nice and high waisted which is the style I like. They look chic with blouses and t-shirts tucked in.

Samantha (@theruralsewist) wearing her finished Romero Jeans

I also lengthened them by 3” to be full length as opposed to cropped jeans as I think I will wear them more this way. They look really nice with my wedge sandals so i'm glad I did that.

All in all, this denim is perfect for this pattern, it is so wearable, and the Romero Trousers are a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

 Samantha wearing her Romero Jeans in the Yorkshire Dales

Thanks for reading and I hope this has given you some inspiration to sew up some Romero Trousers or maybe you have another pattern that would be perfect for this denim?

Happy Sewing

Samantha xx


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