Sally's Hey June Lucerne Blouse

Hi! I’m Sally aka The Yorkshire Sewist and today I’ll be showing you what I made with this beautiful Lady McElroy Moorside Array Viscose Crepe in Teal, of which Katie kindly gifted to me.

The fabric washed really well on a 30 degree wash and yes it does crinkle but nothing that a good iron won’t sort out.

I decided to make a blouse for a change! Yes, you probably know by my Instagram posts that I do mainly make dresses but I thought I would make the Hey June Lucerne Blouse as I love the tie detail sleeves on version A. I am a PDF lover and don’t mind sticking pages together, It’s quite therapeutic. I cut out a Size 18 and graded up a size for the hips.

The pattern does suggest it isn’t for beginners but if you take your time and read the instructions with a cup of tea beforehand and whilst making it, you’ll soon have made it in no time!

With Crepe it’s always a good idea to use a rotary cutter and mat to stop it shifting about whilst cutting, but with this Crepe it was lovely to handle and behaved itself quite well whilst being cut.

As I haven’t used this crepe before I tested out the stitches on a scrap piece of the material and found the perfect length on my machine.

With the instructions it tells you to double fold hem your blouse first which makes a lot of sense since it’s a curved hem and it’s a lot easier to sew this now rather than at the end.

Then you get onto the construction of facings and understitch it to stop it popping out whilst wearing it.

The Tie Sleeves were a little fiddly to sew but like I said earlier, you just need to take your time and I love the top stitch detail on the ties.

Once the Sleeves are in it is advised that you ‘Stitch in the Ditch’ at the shoulder seams just to give the facing that extra bit of staying power inside of your garment hahaha! Plus it doesn’t show on the right side of your garment.

So here she is all sewn up! This top has such a lovely drape to it which definitely helps from the fabric itself.

Hope you liked the post and it has inspired you to make your own Lucernes’ and buy some pretty fabric from Katie.

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